Why Soundkeeper?

Why is Soundkeeper interested in community gardening and local sustainability?

At Soundkeeper we have come to understand the relationship between the economy and the modern life style we live and the effect it has Long Island Sound. We have become aware that our lives are impacted by systems, be they economic, agricultural, transportation or environmental. The energy-intensive world we live in which has been driven by cheap and abundant oil and gas is quickly transitioning to a more expensive and less available fuel supply.

The need to transport the millions of tons of product to the shores of Long Island Sound require greater output of greenhouse gases and consumption of precious petroleum products. This along with numerous other impacts of a continental wide centralized supply of food, energy and other products drives an unsustainable model which threatens not only Long Island Sound but also the environment and well being of people. Producing a local healthy food supply curtails pollution and enriches communities.

Did you know that your breakfast food today may have traveled an average of 1500 miles to get to you?